Get It Done

I've had two dreams over the last year to write a book and to go freelance in my career. Both are steadily getting closer to becoming a reality as opportunities start to align. A lot of people want to be their own bosses or set their own hours, but I on the other hand want to be able to devote my...
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Tell Your Story

We all have a story to tell whether we write it down or not. Writing and speaking are fundamental pieces of our culture, to both express thoughts and ideas to conveying complex and basic emotions to one another. My wife and I love to talk about our days, whether good or bad, the words we share...

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Show and Hide Hidden Files in Terminal

One useful part of owning a Mac is the ability to quickly show and hide hidden files so that you can make quick adjustments. For my own workflow that meant starting a Google search for "Show Hidden Files on Mac" all the time when I needed to see and edit a hidden file, then open a terminal...

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One CSS to Rule Them All

During a project to migrate assets from one server to another it was proposed that we change how our files were being included. For the first step we wrote an interesting JavaScript solution to include files using a single script file. This allowed us to update core styles and/or scripts by...

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I Need a Hobby

Every day I write code and love building feature “x” for web sites. I enjoy the projects and people that I work with that inspire me to write clean and highly functional code (in any browser, yes, even Internet Explorer). However, in a recent discussion with a good friend and colleague I...

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Changing a Git Repo's Remote URL

A useful practice to get used to in the Terminal is changing the remote path of your repos should you decide to change Git hosting services. Most developers keep there repos in two places: Github or Bitbucket, however, for the select few they decide to host their own Git repos. Generally I...

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Git Color Highlighting in Terminal

Working with Git in the terminal can be hard to read and navigate at times. For the last year I have been forcing myself each day to use the terminal much more to get used to doing things without an interface. One pet peeve that I had was that my terminal text was always white on black and...

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Reflecting Resolutions

Every year I watch so many friends and family members make resolutions to change or make their lives better in some small way. Some will exercise everyday or at least once a month, others decide to take up a new hobby while others try to cut sugar (or another bad habit) out of their lives....

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First Christmas

This year is a year of first for my little family. In January, my wife and I welcomed our daughter into the world and considering she was our first child we spent a lot of time readjusting our lives to accommodate this new role we both inherited. However, in looking back over the last year I...

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