Wake to the Lord

The days that I purposefully wake up to seek the Lord first, such as to retreat to a quiet coffee shop to read the Bible I'm overcome by a fire that I can conquer the world. Like so many days that fire is quickly quenched by the reality of work and relationships that follow that time I spent...

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Where For Art Thou Significance?

Where do we find our significance? Without God in the mix we find significance in this world, because it is all we have. If I was to ask you if you feel significant at this very moment what would your response be and what would that feeling be based upon. I know from personal experience that...

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The Well of Our Faith

When you speak from the heart what are you speaking about is it love and compassion, or something worse? I used to think that when I spoke from the heart I was speaking with a compassionate heart. However, as the years passed I've come to realize that the tragic conclusion is that my heart is...

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Finding Solace in the Here and Now

How do we understand the differences between our needs and wants? It can be difficult to differentiate them and even harder to wade through them when our emotional state is high. Personally, I’ve been reminded constantly about the need for safety and significance within my life. For years I...

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Walking Through and Meandering Around

The unfamiliar sounds of the wind between the buildings and cars bustling to office spaces I have only, but briefly known are drowned by the early morning sunlight. That rush of traveling to an unfamiliar place has diminished in recent years as my life has settled around my wife and daughter....

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Trials Produce a Steadfast Faith

Enduring trials is one of the hardest and most enriching parts of the Christian faith. Though the triumph of those trials is often misconstrued or misdirected until that one brief moment when we realize the intent and true victor of our trial. The strength to both endure and overcome a trial...

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Four Years and Counting

Each year I tend to write a post about marriage and this year was going to be no exception, however, in the midst of writing I didn't feel the urge to write. So instead I started...

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DNS Prefetching

Increasing page load speed is essential to get users to your content quickly. For the past few months I have been utilizing compression tools for my JavaScripts and CSS files, but I know that this only goes so far. In a way to make my pages load faster I opted to move all my images to a...

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Conquer a Fear with God

When I start working on something new it begins by filling a need. Though as I look back on the course of my life I wonder if perhaps if this has been the driving force behind all my decisions. Does this fill a need? If not, then it is quickly discarded and forgotten. If yes, then I find a...

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