My name is Justin Hough.

the early years

From an early age I've been fascinated with books; the words, and the aged smell. My first "real" book was "Congo" by Michael Crichton, which I read in the fourth grade. While growing up I learned from an early age that if you wanted to do something you either learned it, or found someone to teach you how to do it. When it came to writing I was hooked, and it didn't matter where I was. A family vacation, short car trips, the dining room table; no matter where or what I was doing I took along a yellow notepad to write. Like most boys I also found a knack for taking things apart, and like most boys couldn't figure out for the life of me how to put it back together. Thus began my passion for writing, and technology.

learning the craft

Entering into junior high, or high school was where I learned most of the fundamentals of writing. Grammar was not one of those fundamentals. However, having a basic lack of sentence structure I still trudged on in the knee deep snows of writing. Though along the way I realized that knowing the basic skills of writing were helpful in breaking them, but it didn't make you a good or great writer. Good and great writers were born with the passion to create what had not been seen before, or to imagine grander than the ink in their pens. By the time I entered college writing was a large part of my life. So when I enrolled in the Creative Writing program at the University California I was determined to write for a career. God had a better twist for my life, and while I had a degree in writing, I took to web design as a career path.

the state of the web

Working as a web designer afforded me a certain freedom to write, and to explore new ways to display the writing I crafted in quiet corners of stuffy bookstores, and aromatic coffee shops. I learned the language of the web, and started crafting beautiful, elegant sites and still remained close to the craft. Though getting frustrated at the lack of real web challenges I went back to writing as much as I could in my free time to reinvigorate my skills. Today, the culmination of that writing direction has molded this site into a personal writing corner. A place where I could write, and possibly one day be heard.

If you're interested in getting in contact, or have a few questions, then get in touch with me.