Dare to dream larger than yourself without fear of failure, or be unafraid to fail. One hope for the work and ideas that I have been pouring my heart into for the last few years has been with one goal in mind, which is to start my own design company that dares to be bold not only for itself but for its clients. To create something that other designers and developers look at with awe and a determination to mimic. Of course all of this comes with one major caveat, which is to think about the user first before design.

In today's climate with the flow of data and information you can create the greatest design of your life, but if you fail to test it and build it for use then you have ultimately failed. When designing the prettiest and best laid out site remember someone actually has to be able to navigate it, use it, and your clients need to see a return from it. If you fail at even one of those points then you have ultimately failed your clients and you haven't help them in any way. Most of my time is spent in the wireframe and design phase trying to get things right there for the user. I look at interactions and usefulness before I ever start building because I know that my "experimental developer" will start to pop out if I am not careful to tie him to a tree.

You can employ every new technique in the book from HTML5 and CSS3 but consider your clients users and audience first, because they are the most important piece of the puzzle, which is much more important than building a portfolio that you can show off. Be bold and intelligent in your movements, because sometimes the best technique is the simple one.