Christmas is here once again and like all Christmas' past I feel myself stumbling and meandering from one party to the next. Juggling family and friends in an attempt to fit everything into the holiday season.

While I may sound pessimistic towards Christmas I actually do enjoy the holidays and what it all means. Being a Christian I see Christmas as the season that we celebrate the birth of Christ and what that means to have a savior. That is the things that I remember and try to share with others often when they ask what I am thankful for over the last year.

I detract more from the gift giving since my wife is more inclined to giving gifts. She enjoys seeing what people will think of her creativity in getting them the perfect gift. 

Before I was married it seemed much easier to juggle the holidays. Now having been married for a little over two years the hectic schedules and juggling have gotten worse. Deep breathe. The sanity of the Christmas holidays can be summed up in one word, hazy. Too many things and gifts to remember that you lose track. I've been caught several times leaning over saying to one my nieces or nephews, "Wow! That's a pretty awesome gift. Who got you that?", only to be nudged by my wife, as she says, "We did!" If you know me then you already know that I will forget anything and everything if I do not keep write it down. Saying to myself and others that during the holidays I am brain dead seems to help alleviate this concern.

Through all the parties and dinners that we have planned this year I am making it my vow to make it through the two-day gauntlet. During the month of November I wrote the first half of my first "real" novel, while I doubt I will finish it before the new year I know that at least I want to have the battle plan in place for the month of January where I sit down every night to write at least two-thousand words a day. The procrastination stops here as I finally move from "almost" into feeling "accomplished".