It has been a few months since I got my first real fountain pen and I feel elated by the whole experience. Now every time I put pen to paper it feels as if only good things can come out (well, not all the times, but the feeling is great). For my last birthday my wife bought me a fountain pen that I had been admiring that is made out of harvested Olive Wood from Bethlehem. Wow! Certainly it has been the most complex writing instrument I have owned to date, not including my laptop.

A Changed Experience

The smooth flow of the ink against the page is noticeable in comparison to rollerball pens or the disposable fountain pens that I cut my teeth on before my Olive Wood pen. You can actually feel the tug of the paper as the nib coaxes new life out of each blank page. The pages sound as if they are sparking to life from the stories or poems that I etch onto them. I don't honestly want to go back to the pens I used to use when I would sit for hours and write. I tend to only use my older pens my gel ink pens now when I am traveling, plus it's nice not have to fuss with running out of ink while in mid-sentence or mid-thought. I suppose the real next question would be is, how many fountain pens is too much? Five? Ten? Twenty? Some might feel that the sky is the limit and that I should always add to a pen collection.

I will be honest with you that the ink you use for your fountain pens makes all the difference. The way it flows against the page, the thickness, how it dries, etc. Each are good things to try out, but since I haven't had the need to buy a lot of ink there are still quite a few that I want to try first before writing about them.

For any serious writers that are reading this I would recommend the old method of pen to paper writing only because it allows your creative juices to flow in a much different way than it does when writing on a computer. I know that there are some writers who swear by their computer as the primary source of writing and others that prefer handwriting everything. Whatever your process or medium I would challenge you to at least give the handwriting side a try so that you can see what different sparks are kindled from your imagination.

DISCLAIMER: No trees were damaged or harmed in the in process of making this pen.