It is hard to believe what happened in this day more than two-thousand years ago. For those of you who don't know Christ died and three days later He rose from the grave. Though some people forget that He was the only one who could be a sacrifice for our sins. I have heard of so many trying to make their own way to Heaven, or that if they are good enough they can make it in to Heaven. And unfortunately that isn't how it works. No amount of good deeds can save us from the sin that already pollutes our hearts and minds. It is only by the grace of God and the sacrifice of His only Son that we have the full atonement of our sins.

Today during my church's Easter morning service we had to retreat indoors due to the weather and though it may have been cramped with more than a few hundred people inside. Not sure the specific numbers, but I could guess at least 400 hundred. Though to get back to the story, during service the band brought some very powerful songs that truly inspired me and at least four other people. I know there are some church's that try to announce ho many people were saved, but to be honest I was more pumped up by the 4 people who committed their hearts to Christ this morning than I am sure I would have been if 50 people had come forward.

A truly transformed life in Christ can be seen, because the heart and the individual will be transformed. Though as the pastor told a story about a young man who has lost truly everything in his life through harsh tragedies one after another I was inspired to hear that through all that pain and anger God spoke to him. And on Friday night during our Good Friday service he gave his heart to Christ. Interesting that one small act can change a life in such a large way, though it does surprise me that so many would choose to blatantly deny something so significant, and to respond in a hurtful way towards believers. All I can say to that is that you should always reposed to those types of situations with the love of Christ.

So to encourage you this week I would say that your portray the love of Christ, because unbelievers will see a transformed life in Christ.

Happy Resurrection Day.