While I sat on the bed a few nights ago I decided to read through the first chapter of a book that has been sitting on my shelf for a number of years. It was a book written by a relative of mine and to read the words he had written so long ago was inspiring. To date I haven't published a book, but to see someone from my own family do it was definitely something that I needed to see. However, it made me start thinking about how often we al feel inspired by what a family member has done?

Seeing a distant relative achieve the task that has been so close to my own heart makes me want to get off my rump and just do it. Not necessarily inspirational, but rather motivational. On a daily basis I will sit or stand near the television absorbing news or shows once I get home, a fact that my wife hates or strongly dislikes. I believe a few weeks ago she wanted to institute a 2 or 3-hour minimum to the amount of TV we watch a night. I believe I adhered to that plan once, maybe twice so far. I don't like to follow rules, I break them. I know I'm a horrible person. This whole scenario might prove another point--I don't stick to my guns, which has been cropping up in my own commitments to finish writing my books.

The Challenge

Maybe what I should be doing is instituting an hour or reading a night to get back in the groove of seeing what other writers are doing and to help motivate myself into writing for another hour after that. Everything needs to be handled in the small moments that we have rather than all at once as an overarching change of habit. You can't change something overnight, but you can gradually push it in the direction it should go over time.

Guess the only real way to change things is to tackle each small moment as I can. I need the smaller victories to win the war.