What does it mean to be a passionate writer? Not sure I can rightly answer that question, but I do remember something my high school English teacher once told me. To be a good writer, one must be a good reader. The same concept must hold true for writing as a passion, sort of. When I think of passion I can't help, but see the dictionary definition of the word.


A strong amorous feeling or desire.

When you write a single world you must feel the words that you are writing. I'm sure that even in you own life that you would have read something that didn't seem to be believable, because simply put it was not part of the writers experience, or his/her own knowledge.

Spending hours pouring over books in the local library seems like a far off dream of things that I once did. Reading page after page of exiting narratives about far off heroes, or how to hammer a sword using medieval blacksmithing techniques. It didn't matter back then what I read, as long as I wanted to learn it.

The same holds true for writing, and of course, reading. If you don't like it then you do it. Find a high school student who enjoys reading, or writing. Both are considered homework. Sure you will find some students who actually enjoy the thrill of the written word, but most will shy away from it in a heartbeat because they were engrained to think that it is a form of work.

I work with the youth at my church, and for most of them doing anything that involves reading equates out to an answer of despair. "I don't want to read! I want to hang out with my friends, or watch TV."

Though to get back on my point of the passionate writer, I want to say this that if you're passionate about your writing, then be as equally passionate about your reading. Reading equates to knowledge that can help you craft unique, and engaging characters. Though most importantly get out of the house every once in a while. See the world. Let the air scream across your face, and invigorate your spirit for writing.