As my wife and I patiently await the birth of our first child we're each getting excited in our own ways. For my wife she's desperately waiting for the day she gets to feel the baby inside her. Doctors generally call these "pregnancy flutters". I think for her it is more about the fact that she may know that new life is growing inside her, but she wants to be able to feel that life.

During our first ultrasound my eyes were glued to the screen watching our baby jostle around or suck her thumb (or what looked like it). Every so often though I would glance at my wife and see her smiling as she watched the monitors with far more loving intent. For both us that excitement rose the instant the nurse told us that we were having a girl. My wife loves the idea of being able to buy cute dresses, bows, blankets, shoes, and anything girl related for that matter.

From my perspective I don't get to feel the baby until much later in the pregnancy. I on the other hand get to sit back and watch my wife's pregnancy pronouncement grow each day. The other night after we'd spent the day at Disneyland I laid on the bed while she watched some TV and listened to her belly. She laughed a little, but I still kept listening intently through all the gurl-guls and thumps hoping for a single heartbeat. Well, I think I might have settled for the baby burping though I'm not even sure that the baby can burp yet.