Make writing such an act that it becomes subconscious. I don't mean learn the ability to write while sleeping, but the thought sounds intriguing. However, I've been reading a lot of blogs about how to write better or getting writing to a level of fluidity where it becomes an extension of your daily life. In the last several posts I've talked about getting back into my own writing groove with the goal of finishing my first novel. it was a daunting task a little more than a year ago, but has started to get easier once I got the chance to put several thousand words under my belt. While the act of writing day after day started to elude me, I found that I tend to me more of a marathoner when it comes to completing tasks I have put before me. Sprints would be easier, but I guess the idea of trying to run an insane race sounds more fun.

For writers we need to be in the mindset of training each and every day for the "big race." For some it may be writing that book they've been dreaming about, while others it's simply trying to get that 15-page short story finished for their professor by 4 o'clock. Whatever the task is we (and I mean "I" when say that) need to start training, which basically involves getting into a regiment that stimulates our craft daily, such as, reading, daily writing, researching, finding ways to be inspired, and then starting the process all over again. If you're a writer and a your serious then I say pledge to be a better one. Set aside the next few weeks or month to get yourself in shape not only in body, but in mind. If you're a jogger or commuter then it might be good to fill your iPod with audio books so that you can finish a few books while on the go. A friend of mine rides the train 2-3 times a week for a number of years and tried to work on her blogging or crafts while she was stuck on a train for a few hours a day. While a lot of things I write will never get published or see the light of day from my black notebook I know that the rambling I do each and every day helps to get the writing juices flowing when I need them the most.

So the gauntlet has been thrown. Where do you want to be in a month with your writing. Whatever the challenge is that you set for yourself I say take it seriously and let the world hear the voice that you have been unable to get out.