Wake to the Lord

Published on Dec 3, 2014
The days that I purposefully wake up to seek the Lord first, such as to retreat to a quiet coffee shop to read the Bible I'm overcome by a fire that I can conquer the world. Like so many days that fire is quickly quenched by the reality of work and relationships that follow that time I spent in His Word. Does that mean that His power over me and my circumstances is weak? No. That lost momentum means that I need to spend more time with Him growing and learning to follow after Him. If you look at those situations wrong then you will start to feel defeated and start to believe that you are a weak Christian. Stop those thoughts right now. When the world is able to wash away your joy the only thing that it means is that you aren't equipped enough to handle the world and no Christian is readily strong enough to conquer a sinful world, which is why we have a Savior in the first place. When I rolled out of bed this morning I made a decision to be joyful and to take each stressful moment that fell onto my path one at a time without getting angry. By about 10 I would usually already be at my wits end with work and wanting to storm out, but by the time I left there I had the same calm demeanor as when I entered the building. Generally that would have made me feel accomplished with my actions throughout the day, but I have a strong feeling that God was with me throughout each moment and guided my steps in a more useful direction. I love living my day for Him and being happy by the time I walk about the door, rather than bitter. Throughout our day sometimes a little encouragement is all it takes to brighten our darkened demeanor and while driving home in the rain I could have easily gotten depressed. Though just as my heart was ready to settle I was greeted by a great song from Mercy Me called "Greater" that lit brightened my drive home telling me that "greater is the One living inside of me than he who is living in the world." What powerful words that can take all our doubts, fears, pain, and troubles disappear in knowing that my God is greater than all those things that make me feel defeated. ### Mercy Me - "Greater"
When we wrestle with the voices in our heads that tell us we aren't good enough we are easily defeated and retreat back to our old mentalities of bringing others down with us in order to make ourselves feel better. God doesn't leave us in bad situations we do that to ourselves, but understand that He is never apart from His children He merely is waiting for us to listen to His instruction. So the question is whether you are listening or are you trying to do it on your own? If we fill ourselves with His voice telling us that we're more than enough then we exude a sweet smelling aroma of joy that draws others to us in troves. I bet you never had to ask yourself why people flock to the kitchen at the smell of freshly baked cookies, but run when they smell the burnt fish in the trash can? The answer is generally obvious, but then why do we allow ourselves to be broken hearted when all we need to do is open His Word or lift our hands in surrender to take our pain, fear, doubts, or troubles away. I turn to Him far less than I should and dwell far too long in the pain that grips my heart and life. Those days I literally am crying inside waiting for someone to save me from my life and not realizing that my life is already in the hands of the One who came to save me. Live each day listening to the listening to the voice of God and let your life start to shine like a lifetime worship service.
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Justin Hough

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