For the last few weeks I have been consolidating my writing into one location and even moved several stories into the cloud so that I had access to them from anywhere. The process has been long, but it has had its fun moments. Some of the stories that I had been working on years ago I found and for a writer the discovery always leads to something else down the road. The stories that I did find will be rewritten on this site but that will be a teaser for things to come.

However, during this time I have also been writing my new book, which finally has a title that I can talk about. My book, Bring the Rain, is a about and for Christian servants. The battle to understanding God's calling and our ultimate direction within His will. When we come to know His will then we can live lives that are full. The journey that God provides for us in knowing and following after Him makes everything we do worth the effort. There were a few times as I was writing the initial chapters of the book where I struggled with finding the right words to describe what I meant to say about an illustration.

The concept has been on my heart for nearly 5 years now, but I never had the chance to finish it until now. Well I should say that finishing it was not a priority like it is now. For most of my writing there are times of massive inspiration when I feel that my mind will literally explode if I don't get the idea or thoughts out of my head onto paper.

What do you feel passionate about that God is calling you to finish to start? God gave me the ability to write about what I was thinking and what was on my heart. However, for each of us he puts different passions or ministries on our hearts to fulfill. The place we start is understanding what that is.

If you're interested then I encourage you to check out the Bring the Rain featured page for more information and a few spoilers as they are available.